CppCon 2018 Call for Poster Submissions

Are you doing something really cool with C++?  Then you should consider creating a poster and presenting it at CppCon 2018.

The purpose of the poster session is to encourage innovation and foster communication. With all the different kinds of talks — plenaries, keynotes, sessions, panels, open content, and lightning talks — we have lots of great ways to share ideas.  And as great as those ways are, that kind of sharing is also ephemeral. After the words are spoken, they’re gone, at least until the talks show up on YouTube. In contrast, posters provide a persistent medium for sharing knowledge throughout the week, one that enriches the whole CppCon experience.   Don’t forget that accepted poster presentations will have their conference registration fee refunded (one presenter per poster).

The poster submissions deadline is August 5th, with decisions sent by August 13th. For topic ideas, submission instructions, and advice on making the best possible submission, see the Poster Submissions page.