C++Now 2018 Trip Report

I’m writing this on the journey home after attending C++Now 2018. It’s been a long week, but also a rewarding one. This is my second time attending the conference, and like last year, it was excellent. The quality of content at C++Now is just outstanding. Conference chair Jon Kalb is fond of saying,

To hear the answer to a C++ question, go to CppCon. If you want to be part of finding the answer, go to C++Now.

C++Now is a conference like no other. There’s a unique and special quality about it that’s difficult to describe — it’s something you have to experience for yourself to appreciate. Sessions are held at the Aspen Center for Physics, and most attendees stay at the Aspen Meadows Resort, which is an easy walking distance from the ACFP. The entire site is surrounded by the mountains of Aspen, and the Roaring Fork River runs along the northeastern border of the resort. I stayed in Mallot House in a room facing toward the river, and with my room windows open, I could hear it at night. Attending C++Now is like being in college again but with only the good parts: walking back and forth to class with your backpack in what is about the most gorgeous setting you can imagine; attending the sessions you want to attend while goofing off with old friends and making new ones; and most importantly, intense learning without the hassle of exams. (continue…)